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Top 5 reasons why a massage makes the best 2018 Valentine’s Day gift

Top 5 reasons why a massage makes the best 2018 Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine’s day is almost here – that time of the year when you pamper someone special (be it yourself or a loved one) with something extra special. So what’s a gift that is different and unique that will make him/her feel like a god/goddess and earn you some serious boyfriend/girlfriend status?

A massage!

For the best Valentine’s Day gift, treat yourself and your sweetheart to an experience that you can share together and then discuss over a nice romantic dinner (we suggest Al Forno Italian restaurant across the road "wink").

Here is why you need to get this gift.

Massages Are Great Stress Relievers

Massages have been shown to have an actual effect on a person’s hormonal balances - it decreases the stress hormone such as cortisol. It can take you out of a mind and body damaging environment and bring you to a place of peace, tranquil and healing.

Green Touch’s Anti-Stress Swedish Massage is perfect for those feeling a bit depressed and anxious in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. The techniques used are done to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. You will walk out feeling more relaxed and less stressed, ready to put all your romantic plans into action.

Massages Helps To Relieve Headaches

Massages are known to decrease frequency and severity of tension headaches. Ask for a Head Massage to relieve tension that can result in painful migraines. With this problem out of the way, no more “Honey, not tonight. I have a headache” excuse!

Massages Boost Moods

Now that you are less stressed and headache free, its time to feel more energetic and happy. Massages are known to aid the release of Oxytocin, a feel good “love” hormone that leads to feeling of social bonding. It also increases production of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. And when combined with an aromatherapy massage, no wonder couple massages are so popular on Valentine’s Day!

Massages Ease Muscle Pain

Massage therapy can help improve circulations and flexibility. A Deep Tissue Massage is known to target these discomforts and release muscle tension. It is as effective as any other methods of treatment for chronic back pain, neck pain and headaches. With these painful subjects out of the way, you can focus on spending more quality time with your significant other.

Massages improve sleep and reduce insomnia

There is a strong link between massages and reduced insomnia. A full body massage before going to bed is ideal. Or a simple back rub and scalp massage also helps prepare for sleep. Weekly massages can help establish a pattern of restfulness and enhance relaxation especially when used in tandem with (lavender) essential oils. So don’t let a lack of sleep make you grumpy and annoying to be with on Valentine’s Day. Though you can be extra cheeky and gift a massage voucher to someone special so you can sleep in peace!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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